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I’ve been quiet on here for the past week while in Orlando – not because Irma has destroyed the power where I’ve been, but mainly because anything I’ve been doing can be found on the many MANY Disney blogs out there – we haven’t been doing anything particularly groundbreaking!

However, I suppose my fans (all three of them) are looking for my perspective on things, and it seems the trend to rank and rate things these day, so here are my top 3s!

My Top 3 Disney Restaurants

3 – Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Animal Kingdom Lodge is a dream of a hotel, complete with actual wild African animals roaming the grounds, and Boma is a fantastic buffet which, while we were there, was serving up prime steak, chicken on the bone, salmon and a multitude of soups, sides and accompaniments. This would have possibly moved into the number 2 spot, apart from the fact that I attempted to eat all 10 desserts, leaving my final memories of Boma being uncomfortably full and slightly nauseous.

2 – ‘Ohana at the Polynesian Resort. Although the service and atmosphere were slightly lacking compared to previous visits here, the quality of the food is undeniable. Another ‘all you care to eat’ restaurant, the concept mirrors popular Brazilian eateries which bring round skewers of meat, alongside accompaniments of noodles, salads, dumplings and chicken wings. My visit was slightly disturbed by the onset of a killer headache, but there is no denying the quality of this place – just a bit better service next time Disney!

1 – Coral Reef Restaurant. A rather controversial number one, and probably not mirrored by my dining partners, but my salmon, goats cheese risotto and vegetables, followed by chocolate lava cake was completely delicious. The fact that we were able to overlook a giant aquarium while we ate – the icing on the (chocolate) cake!

Notable Mention – Tiffins at Animal Kingdom. Newly opened, and potentially still finding its feet (I overhead that the menu had already had an overhaul after only being opened a few months), the restaurant is a Disney signature dining experience that is clearly full of quality, but potentially lacking in quantity. Saying that, I came away fully satisfied with my three courses, I think I was just looking for a bit more in accompaniments (some bread to start, or some more vegetables with the main?)

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