Day 4 – On our way to Yosemite


Morning today was foolishly spent in the gym again, and I suffered for the rest of the day – moaning that I was tired when saving money by walking the 25 minutes to the Ferry Building for breakfast instead of getting the bus, and struggling to get out the car when muscle soreness kicked in later in the day.

However, a few things made up for the pain – including the foodie heaven that is the Ferry Building, where I could have easily spent hundreds of pounds on tasty treats, but restrained myself to organic mozzarella and tomato bruschetta from Frog Hollow Farm.

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Returning to Oakland airport to pick up our hire car on the BART was considerably easier than travelling from the airport into the city when we arrived, with no replacement buses required, and air conditioning actually working! Public transport, you have redeemed yourself!

The afternoon was spent picking up the aforementioned hire car and trying not to kill ourselves on the 8 lane highway heading out of Oakland. We split up our journey to the outskirts of Yosemite where we’d be staying for a night, by stopping at a Walmart in Modesto to pick up essential camping equipment. The minute we got out the car the heat hit us like we’d walked into a sauna, with the temperature sitting at around the mid to high 30s. Tomorrow’s planned hike around Yosemite Valley is going to be a warm one!

After just under 4 hours in the car we reached our destination of the Best Western Yosemite Gateway Inn, our last bit of luxury before camping for two nights. With forest fires blocking off our main route into the Valley, views once we get into the Park may not be perfect due to the smoke, but hopefully we’ll have some stunning pictures to share when we next have wifi!