The World Transplant Games – they’re finally here!


It’s the day before my first athletics event at the World Transplant Games, and I’m sitting in my hotel room with a range of emotions. Excited – to get started with the competition. Nervous – I have no idea what my competition will be like, and I’m massively under prepared for my jumping and throws events. Frustrated – the communication and organisation has been pretty poor, and we still don’t have a timetable for the event which starts tomorrow! Concerned – the track is so baked solid that it’s not 100% safe to run on, and we’ve been told there will be no shade on the track (hundreds of transplant athletes will be competing in 35 degree heat). And relieved – to have finally got here in one piece!!

The week so far has flown by, and Team GB have been doing amazing things across all events. Medals in the 5km road race, cycling, kayaking, swimming, bowling, squash….and more! Our hotel is a little out the way, and we’re sharing it with other holiday makers who are enjoying some lively music performances until late into the evening, but the food is good, the rooms are air conditioned and I can see the sea from my room – not too shabby!

Time to rest up, get my kit prepared and game face on!